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“Nausea is unique in that it can act like a transmutational spell – words alone can conjure physiological upset.”
The setting of C. Vomitoria, exhibited in January 2018 at MX Gallery in New York City, is a village that thrives on nausea.
“It became evident that this was not a plague – a plague being one singular, sweeping, unifying affliction – we were not united by some force of nature, nor did we share in self-interested fantasy of ‘cure’. Our diseases were unique, but our spirits common; commonality epitomized by a de facto mascot: the fly.“
Drawing and sculpture describe the imagined village, but the exhibition’s most visceral component is the thousands of live flies which crawl and pulsate on every surface of the artwork.
Paul Gondry and Duncan Boise are fine artists and filmmakers based in New York and Paris.